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  Published 18 Apr 2018


What to EAT  »
»  RAW FOOD, i.e. unheated and unprocessed food like Fruits, Berries and Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, all preferably organic (ecologic/biologique).
Conforming to Ketogenic-rich food -- i.a. cancer-, diabetes-, obesity-fighting and all-purpose health & energy promoting diets:  »
»  Oils and fats:
    Avocado -- the king of healthy vegetable based fats.
    Black Olives -- just not really black (implying color is added), since the natural and undyed olives are brown (or green).
    Grated Coconut -- contains all unheated and unprocessed oil plus all fibers (at a minimal cost compared to bottled Coconut Oil, at that).
    Pea Nuts, natural unprocessed or roasted and salted (minimize the latter).
»  Omega-3 & -6 oils, E-vitamin:
    Cruciferous vegetables: Raw or frozen parboiled Broccoli, Cauliflower, Haricot Verts (green beans), Green Peas.
»  Minerals & vitamins:
    Red Onion, Garlic, Leek, various green leafs (especially Spinach).
»  Fruits:
    Primarily all Tropic Fruits (incl. Banana), Grape, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Apple, Pear, Prune, Apricot, Peach, Tomato*, Cucumber*.  *yes, fruits :)
»  Berries:
    Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry, Rosehip etc.
»  Nuts (actually Fruits) & Seeds (actually embryonic plants):
    Walnut, Pecan, Brazil nut, Cashew nut, Pistachios, Peanut (actually a kind of Pea), Hazelnut, Almond, Hemp seed, Pumpkin seed (Pepitas), Sesame seed, Sunflower seed.
»  Spices:
    Sea Salt mixture, Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Rosemary, Basil, Cumin, Thyme, Curry powder, Parsley, Dandelion leaf & flower, Nettle leaf.
»  Herbs:
    There are so many, you'll best view this excellence put together by  »  Dr Robert Morse
»  Sugars:
    Fructose/Glucose from fruit, or other Crude/Raw Sugars with retained molasses (e.g. crude "Moscovado Sugar" from sugar beet, or crude Cane Sugar).
»  Candy:
    Dried or natural Fruits* are excellent Candy, a healthy replacement for white sugar based, synthetic and/or chemical laden candy, cakes, jam, marmelade etc.
    *Dried or natural sweet Fruit, e.g: Raisins, minced Figs, Dates, or dried Tropical Fruits, Apples, Prunes, Apricots, Peaches etc.

What NOT to EAT  »
»  First and last: never ever touch anything GM[O] (genetically modified products)!!
»  Refined (white) sugars: Saccarose (from sugarbeet), Maltose (from malt) or Lactose (milksugar) containing foods -- only Fructose/Glucose in Fruit, or other Crude/Raw Sugars are good for us.
»  Processed food, i.e. boiled, fried, grilled or oven baked food of any kind.
»  Refined (white) Flour (esp. white Wheat toast), peeled (white) Rice.
    Albeit I don't recommend this, if you insist on having sandwiches or cereal for breakfast or now and then, be sure to make it on full grain, not white toast bread, croissants or the likes.
    Rye is far better than Wheat. And skip the brands that contain sugar -- for sweetness add Raisins, minced Figs, Dates, or dried Tropical Fruits, Apples, Berries, whatever natural really.
»  Be dead sure NOT to spread so called "light margarines" on your bread -- they're all industrial oils in every sense of the word, having nothing whatsoever to do with vegetable oils.
    Those synthetic chemical outputs with synthetic chemical flavor, stabilizor and color does much damage to your body, far below the point of decent approval criteria by authorities.
    And yet, they are approved (...) and we find those brands in bunches everywhere we look.
    Instead, go for real Butter (but minimize) -- some brands are mixed with a low percentage of Rapsum- or other Oil to make them smoothe to spread also when refrigerated).
    Peanut Butter is a better alternative, or preferably Olive Oil based spread.
»  Cheese, Ham and Sausage are no part of my recommendation either, but consume it wisely as far as origin and methods of upbringing and producing goes.

What to DRINK  »
»  Water, the best beverage in the world.
»  Pure fruit and vegetable Juice with no added sugar, preservatives or other additives, preferably organic (ecologic/biologique).
»  Coffee or Tea -- to a minimum, max equivalent to some two tea cup intermediate sizes full per day.

What NOT to DRINK  »
»  Coca-Cola, the worst body acidifier, obesity villain, and tooth killer conceivable.
»  Sugar-, chemical-, and synthetic color & flavor-added Soda, Syrup, "Fruit Drink" of any kind.
»  Energy Drinks filled with caffeine, sugar and chemicals.
    Too much Coffee or Tea, too much Alcoholic beverages.
    Lactose-containing Milk and other products like Cream.

What to DO or Use  »
»  Exercise corresponding to 30 min or 5 km/ 3.5 mi of high tempo Jogging a few times per week or daily if you can
    -- Can't keep the pace all through? Interval Exercise with rush and rest repeatedly is equally effective.
»  Bicycling wherever possible, leaving your Car to longer and heavier transportation, picking your kids or elderly people up, etc.
»  Work out for muscular training is very importaant since your muscles will burn a lot of malicious germs and viruses, and keep your body constantly on watch for them.
»  Bring a sustainable Shopping Bag every time you go shopping, to avoid the proliferation of plastic bags in nature.
»  Go to Sleep as early as you can, since we humans are subject to a daylight/darkness bio impacting scheme.

What NOT to DO or Use  »
»  Tobacco or any Dope, Snuff, Chewing-Tobacco, E-cig, "E-juice", or Nicotine chewing gum.
»  Microwave food in Plastic container -- this releases chemicals from the plastic into your food.
»  Throw Plastic content in the nature -- eventually it is likely to wind up in the sea or in a lake where fish and other living organisms will hurt, be injured or die.
»  Use microplastic-copious Tooth Paste, Mascara, Skin Cream & other "skin care" products.
»  Work Night Shifts on a regular basis or otherwise employ a Night-Based style of living.

Help yourself to & with my advice above -- following them probably will much prolong and vastly enrichen your life -- and most likely save it if you've caught or should catch some malicious disease.
This is because virtually every disease are due to malnutrition and ensuing degeneration of corporal functions.
Children born and bred by malnutritioned parents feeding off poor foods are more likely to inherit corporal degenerations from their parental (and grandparental) genes.
And so, some children are more vulnerable to malnutrition and environmental factors already at a young age.

Questions and points of view are gladly responded and discussed at  »  contact@referens.se

Keep well, feel good, and don't use your body as a trash can -- it deserves better than that, I'm sure we all agree! :)
Best of all to You/ Per