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Published 23 May 2018
Poor food  (as in a Full English Breakfast) degenerates us humans and grows poor intelligence, and in conformity thereof poor nationhood.
Time certainly tells us and ever more blatantly will keep doing this.

Unaware, we continue to eat what "tastes good", and by time this will turn us ever faster back into primates. Into cancerous and demented primates, unlike our friends in the trees who ALL INSTINCTIVELY KNOW what's right for them to eat and drink -- AND ALL ENJOY the good taste of it!

Imagine a primate overindulging in carcerogenic Coca-colas or Pepsis and a sackful of candy, in between detrimental meals of processed foods? Using its body for a trash can? Like we humans mindlessly excel in? Plus all that tobacco smoke into our airpipes and booze-wine-beer tsunamies right down the hatch? The mere thought of it ALL sure makes me vomit.

Will we ever take responsibility and grow up? ALL other species have. INSTINCTIVELY. It's either Change, or Perish in agony.

Cancer and all other fatal diseases can be avoided very simply and all naturally: by feeding on our primate friends' diet - cause we have the same metabolistic system in common! Why don't YOU try it - I'm positive YOU'LL ENJOY all raw fruits and raw veggies, nuts, seeds and berries once You've tried. And You'll feel great and energetic after just a couple days.

What have You got to lose, really? I'll Tell You: a healthy life, a good life, or Your life itself.

Remember: Cancer comes without warning. And never leaves you in peace but normally gets back to You stronger than ever. And Chemo-"therapy" (battery acid) and Gamma-radiation (damaging worse than lengthy exposure to X-rays) plant new seeds to cancer in your body, seeds that eventually develop into new cancer -- but Big Pharma and Your medics won't tell you.

Many other diseases come from obesity, smoking and excess drinking whereby the alarm clocks should be easy for us to hear.

But all the other, Healthy-living freaks then? Well, some believe in man-killing "real food" like a Full English Breakfast. I say: Get off it, and Quickly! Disbelieve also in Big Food, because they're bundled up with Big Pharma and the medicare system. All they want is your money.

Just don't ever say nobody told you so!